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Water Leak Detectors Multizone Alarms (16 Zones and Under)


Combine all your leak detection zones in one place with our reliable LeakStopper multizone alarm panels.  Protect from 2 to 16 areas (above this please see our LeakMonitor intelligent alarm system).

Water Leak Detection Multizone Alarms

Envirotech Alarms have produced the LeakStopper multizone alarm panels to allow vulnerable areas such as data centres, plant rooms, comms roomstea points and toilets from the effects of leaks. Using a range of different sensors, large areas can be covered and protected.

The LeakStopper multizone water leak alarm panel has been designed to meet the requirements for water leak detection in vulnerable areas where the presence of water could have a detrimental effect on the function of the building or a process, (for for smaller requirements see our single zone system).  It is especially effective at preventing water leaks in areas where the escape of water could cause damage to the property below by automatically switching off the water to the effected area.  The advantage of using a multizone panel is that a number of areas around a building can all be monitored from a single location.  The LeakStopper is available in 2 to 16 zone versions (for a greater number of zones we offer the Leak Monitor alarm).

Multizone Alarm Panel Features

  • Battery backup as standard.
  • 2 to 16 zones available.
  • Common Alarm Relays = 3 X 2 amp volt free changeover.
  • Individual Alarm relays = 2 x 2 amp per zone.
  • 12VDC output for running low voltage devices directly  from the panel.
  • Power fail relay will switch should the mains power be interrupted.
  • Output connector for Echo repeater panel.

See our other Water Leak Detection packages we have complete kits available for a wide range of applications, such as tea points, home protection, comms rooms, data centres and pub basements.

LeakStopper Multizone Information pdf

LeakStopper Manual V1.1 pdf

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